Could Corona be a conspiracy?

German author and host of speaks about which signs for a conspiracy with a pandemic to induce fear can be seen, which plans for a New world order are currently evolving. Download with right click: MP4 format | WebM format | Audioformat App für Android Bitcoin: 3NQU45QXNbgC5Ke2G1iUAKBH12H1h3UmAu Kann Corona eine Verschwörung sein? Auch […]

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David Icke and the Corona conspiracy

as the video keeps being deleted and banned in the internet we are encouraged to share this amazing interview with David Icke on London Real TV. Download video: MP4 format | WebM format | Audioformat Spenden an: Verein zur Förderung zensurfreier Medien Kreissparkasse Northeim (abgekürzt KSN) IBAN: DE15262500010172024952 BIC: NOLADE21NOM

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